New Feature: Tagboards

Over the past weekend, we rolled out tagboard integration to the ZN and GP pages.

(Edit: It’s now live on the WP page too!)


Why a tagboard?

Car events are happening all the time in our provinces but it’s impossible to be at every event. However, it would be nice to see what’s happening LIVE or catch up on the goings on afterwards. That’s hard though because there’s also no way to be friends with/follow/like every social media account that is posting about what went down. Carscene makes it easy; Just use a hashtag.




Anyone (yes, anyone, including your gran if she’s cool like that) using the specific province hashtags (#carsceneGP & #carsceneZN) on the major social networks should* have their posts appear in that province’s feed. (Use Instagram and Twitter though, they work the best)

Why aren’t my posts appearing on the province page?

Twitter: Tweets cannot be protected
Instagram: Profile cannot be locked
Facebook Profile: Your link/status/picture was not marked as public (That should be enough to get it to work but Facebook has disabled access)
Facebook Page: Works only for individual status, link or image posts (cannot tag a facebook album for example) (can tag a link to album on facebook)
Google+: Post must be public
Your post was removed from the feed

Why was my post removed from the feed/why are none of my posts appearing in the feed/s?

Although hashtags are free for anyone to use, the tagboards on Carscene are moderated to ensure the best experience for our users.
Some (but not all) reasons for removing posts are that they are not province specific, are irrelevant, can be considered spam or only contain event posters or details. Submit your event here instead.

Should I install Instagram just because it works best with Carscene and a Picture is worth a Thousand words?

Yes, click to install Instagram (iOS or Android)


In Summary

Use the hashtags. Rep your ride, rep your events and most of all, rep your province. Be proud of your scene.


We’re always looking for ways to enhance the way you enjoy your Carscene,
from making events easy to find to seeing a live feed of what’s going on in your province.
Love/Hate/Have a suggestion? Tell us here.

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